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Monitoring of the mine site during and after the mine closure is essential to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the closure measures. The nature and duration of post closure monitoring depends highly on the nature and size of the operation and may continue for decades after the mine closure. On the basis of the information collected during monitoring, decisions related to further actions on the closed/rehabilitated mine sites can be made. The objectives of monitoring aim at securing proper mine closure. Therefore, a process of gathering information routinely, systematically, and purposefully for use in decision making is needed. The different closure objectives i.e. attaining physical, chemical, and biological stability and also having control over socio-economical influences, need different monitoring parameters that depend on site specific conditions. Technologies to be used in monitoring must be decided site-specifically at each mine site after a thorough evaluation of their suitability.

General principles of post closure monitoring are also discussed in page: Post closure monitoring and maintenance. This Monitoring section of the Closedure website describes the general technical methods used in monitoring of closed mine sites. In addition, objectives of the monitoring are described, specific technologies presented and evaluated, and case studies showing real life examples are presented. Research and development carried out during the Closedure project related to water sampling are presented in the R&D section.