Mine Closure web pages

Mine Closure website (mineclosure.gtk.fi) is an open internet resource on technologies and approaches used in mine closure. It provides guidance and tools for planning, executing and monitoring of mine closure. Mine Closure site is intended for mining operators, authorities, consultants and researchers to

  • smooth the mine closure planning and permitting processes,
  • ease the selection of technical methods for key closure operations, and
  • to reduce environmental, societal and economic impacts of mine closure.

Mine Closure web pages

  • provides an overall description of best practices and legislation pertinent to closure,
  • presents systematic evaluations of key methods and technologies of closure,
  • benchmarks national and international case studies of performance of closure technologies in areas of post closure water management, water treatment, wastes and waste facilities, and post closure monitoring, and
  • presents results of research and development studies performed in Closedure.

Structure of the web site

Mine Closure website consists of seven sections. “Closedure Project” presents the project behind the web pages and “Guidelines and templates for contributions” provides details how to write an article to the Mine Closure pages. The other five sections provide guidance on the key themes of mine closure: “Mine Closure process”, “Water management”, “Water treatment”, “Wastes and waste facilities” and “Monitoring”.

Mine Closure Process presents overview of basic principles and best practices of mine closure and mine closure planning, closure objectives, and legal requirements for mine closure. Water management, Water treatment, Wastes and waste facilities and Monitoring sections all include: closure objectives, evaluations of key methods and/or technologies relevant to mine closure, case studies of long-term performance of closure technologies, and R&D studies carried out during Closedure Project. Monitoring provides also check-lists of the available methods for post-closure monitoring of mine sites.

Management of the web site

Mine Closure website is updated and managed by the Geological Survey of Finland. Terms and conditions for the use are presented in the Legal Disclaimer of Mine Closure web pages.

Contributions to the website

Contributions are invited to the Mine Closure web pages. All contributions require registration. Registered users can comment published articles.

Mine Closure site also welcomes inputs on new technology and method evaluations and case study descriptions on long-term performance of closure technologies. Contributions will be published on the Mine Closure site acknowledging copyrights of the author. Inquiries for contributions can be sent to: mineclosure(at)gtk.fi. See further information in Guidelines and templates for contributions and in the Legal Disclaimer of Mine Closure website.

Unregistered users can read published articles and related comments, but are not able to comment themselves.